Free Write: Pick A Prompt Github

In Speaking Code Franco Berardi writes, "Prescriptions, prophesies, injunctions are ways of inscribing the future in language and —most importantly—are ways of producing the future by means of language." More generally, codes inscribe the relations between semiotic elements and thereby determine how the future will unfold. For example, a military code of conduct will determine ethical actions a soldier might take. Why do codes act in this way? How might it be possible for them behave differently? What other types of codes are there?

In 1971's Teaching as Subversive Activity, Postman and Weingartner write "Because the process of knowing is inseparable from "languaging," in the new education, language (i.e., all forms of symbolic codification) is regarded as the mediator of all human perception and is used as a unifying and continuing focus of all student inquiry." What happens when we swap languaging with coding; and language with code? How would the meaning of this statement change? What would the word code come to mean?

After responding, find a few images, links or videos online and write down their URLs (i.e., links) that relate to your thoughts and bring these and the text of your freewrite to the first coding workshop.